Saturday, July 16, 2011

Resources for Pregnant moms

Do take adequate vitamin C and fluid during pregnancy and stay away from crowded places to avoid falling sick. However in the unfortunate event should one fall sick during pregnancy, here are a few advices with regards to self-medication:

  • Avoid herbal products, unless directed by your physician. (Don't ask me how those chinese tonics work because those are not studied in western medicines. Most herbal preparations lack robust clinical studies to prove efficacy and possible side effects)
  • Even for medications not shown to be harmful in pregnancy (many are not shown to be safe either) take only by doctor or pharmacist's advice after benefits and risks are weighed.
  • For cold and flu medicines take only when necessary and for the shortest possible duration. Avoid decongestants, aspirin, NSAIDs.
  • Although vitamins and supplements are not really medications, take only those indicated suitable for pregnancy. The reason being that some normal multi-vitamins may contain higher doses of vitamins than allowed in pregnancy. Avoid high doses of vitamin A during pregnancy as excessive intake is associated with birth defects.

    On the other hand, folic acid is an important vitamin which is recommended to be taken 1 month before and at least 3 months into pregnancy as it helps with the fetal neural development.

  • Go natural - take honey lemon drink, gargle with warm salt water for sore throat, take more fruits, use saline nasal spray to relieve nose congestion.
Useful resources:

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