Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saline nasal products - the natural decongestants

Saline nasal products or "sea water spray" are non-medicated remedy to help with nose allergy and congestion. They are generally free from side effects and can be used daily for all age groups and in pregnancy. Unlike medicated decongestant nasal sprays, they would not cause a rebound congestion from long term use.

For babies, normal saline eye-drops can also be used as nasal drops since eye-drops are formulated sterile.

Saline nasal products serve the following functions -
  1. Moisturize the nasal cavities to relieve nose of dryness
  2. Cleanse the nasal cavities of dusts, germs and allergens
  3. Loosen up and clear excess mucus in the sinuses and nasal passages
Hypertonic solution is used for more severe nasal congestion over a short period of time.

Below's a quick glance on various brands of saline nasal products in sg pharmacies and their features -

  • Can be used till expiry date after first usage due to anti-reflux valve
  • 100ml (300 sprays), only the isotonic version available in sg
  • Isotonic spray can be used in babies from 3 months old. Stérimar Baby has a specific nozzle with a protective flange and lower spray pressure.
  • From France

  • Wide available range: Neti-pot and Rinse bottle for large volume irrigation; spray and nasal gel for localized action
  • Has hypertonic and isotonic sprays
  • Interchangeable nozzles for spray canister
  • From U.S.A

  • Adults and children aged 6 and up
  • Only hypertonic(2.2%) spray
  • Comes in two sizes: 25ml and 135ml
  • Should be discarded one month after first use
  • From France
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