Sunday, November 11, 2012

Top (worst) pharmacy etiquettes

The Angry Pharm-mist's top 5 worst 'etiquette' displayed by customers at the pharmacy.

1) Shout / swear at / threaten the pharmacist when the aphrodisiacs can't be supplied

2) Cut queue without a care that there are other people in the queue before them. "Excuse me, excuse me..."

3) Bargain for prescription medicines supply without having a prescription or a legally valid one - 'I just want one tablet.' (even after telling them where is the nearest doctor they can visit.)

4) Demand that a medication be supplied to them when the pharmacist has deemed it inappropriate to do so for health and safety reasons.

5) Say that they have the prescription or would get one for an emergency supply of medicine the next day and subsequently become un-contactable.


Dear readers, I hope you are guilty of none above. If you are and have no intention of repent, please do not come to the Angry Pharm-mist's shop.

We all want a more gracious society in Singapore and courtesy goes a long way. Thank you.
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