Friday, August 12, 2011

Fitness & a quiz from Women'sHealth

Do you know that being thin does not equal healthy and skinny people can also get high cholesterol?

I have always been thin but my stamina has been going downhill ever since I graduated from those NAFA tests in school days (I miss those days of training for 2.4km with my classmates...). In order to rebuild my fitness now, I have decided to swim regularly. Swimming is good because it doesn't weigh on the joints (I think I stressed my joints enough from all the walking on usual days) while giving a cardio workout. It also trains our body coordination and rhythms.

For those who can't really swim, you can try joining an aqua aerobic course which is doing aerobic movements in shallow water. It can also give your joints and muscles some good workout. For the elderly or people with heart diseases, do check with your doctor before enrolling in any exercise regime.

Saw an enlightening quiz about fitness today, click below to take the quiz and see if you are fitness savvy!

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