Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cream vs Gel & derma pdt FAQ in a nutshell

Have you ever wonder why there are formulations of creams and gels in the market? Can't figure out if your skin-type is more suitable to use cream or gel? Here are my findings...


Is clear and non-greasy with varying consistency.

- less emollient, pore-clogging
- enhance penetration (of drug)
- alcohol-based gels are stronger than water-based gels (but more drying)
- feels cool on the skin

- tend to cause more irritation and dryness
- slightly sticky

Is opaque, thicker than lotion and may feel oily.

- good for dry and/or sensitive skin

- less penetrating
- may be oily


Some skincare products FAQ

Acne Treatment - Ingredients chart

Facts about sunscreen

Is it okay to use a BHA or AHA with my retinoid?

The order for skin care product application

NB: The term "purging" in some articles means "breakouts".

I am not endorsing the above website, just find that it's rather useful and interesting to read. Those that I have linked above are fairly accurate to date. However, do note that some 'treatments' listed under the Acne Treatment List are not the clinically recommended ones. You may want to check out Mayoclinic's instead for a better picture on acne treatment options.

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