Sunday, December 12, 2010

Minor ailment: Treating ingrown nails

Ingrown finger or toenails have been a common problem and I am sure many of us has experienced it. Usually it resulted in pain and swelling around the side of the nail. Want to try self-remedy? Here's a quick read at LIVESTRONG. A quicker read from me, read on.

You might be disappointed that there isn't any miracle remedy from pharmacy to make your nail obediently grow back in place. Something to apply if the case is not serious is just your plain antiseptic cream. You could trim away the corner of the nail if it is not too deeply embedded then apply some antiseptic, or pry your affected nail corner up slightly to insert a small piece of gauze and let the nail outgrow the fleshy part of your toe's side.

However, you should see a doctor if there is presence of pus (signs of infection) or the problem persist after self-treatment for a week or so. The doctor would be able to perform a minor surgery on your toe nail to rectify the problem.

Some tips to prevent ingrown-nails would be to cut your nails straight and avoid cutting them too deeply.

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