Saturday, May 22, 2010

Case: Varicose veins

I have an elderly patient who keeps coming back to me for ibuprofen tablets. He has been taking it on a regular basis and I thought initially that he is using it for rheumatoid arthritis because he said that he's using it for 'leg pain'. Later on with further chatting, I found out that it is actually for his varicose veins.

He worked long hours standing (like me) which is very likely the factor contributing to his aching legs and varicose veins. He is on high blood pressure medicines, currently BP is borderline controlled. When I tried to advise him against regular use of ibuprofen saying that it can affect his BP control, he said he only use it at night when the pain is bad. He also mentioned that he tried topical analgesics, Daflon and compression stockings but to no avail. He practises elevating his legs at night when sleeping. I also advise him to reduce his standing hours if possible but it is not very practical to do so cos it's related to his job. I would be advising him on weight-loss as that will elevate some burden on the legs as well, although he is not the very obese type.

Hmm... any other things that I can advise him on? Suggestions?

[MedicineNet: Varicose and spider veins]

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  1. What's his occupation? Does he really stand all the time without walking around?


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